Integrated ATV/UTV hydraulics

An electric hydraulic unit produces power to:

  • plow turning and lifting
  • bucket tipping ja lifting
  • tipping trailer
  • adjusting the road grader blades
  • rear 3-point lifter

LATVO is the only company in the world to offer integrated hydraulic kits for ATVs/UTVs. Latvo's integrated hydraulic systems are brand-specific and are installed under ATV covers. The hydraulics can only be seen from the front and / or rear quick connectors on the ATV and from the remote control that can be added to the handlebar. A significant advantage of the integrated hydraulics is that the installation of the hydraulics does not restrict other normal use of the ATV. No major changes will be made to the ATV during installation. Latvo's hydraulic systems are pre-assembled. Depending on the hydraulic system, the installation time is approx. 4-8 h. In addition, the installation of the hydraulic work equipment takes its own time (1-3 h).

The hydraulic system is electrically powered and is powered by the ATV's battery. An additional battery is not required, but you can of course install one if you wish. The maximum continuous operating time with the system is about 3 minutes, so it is not suitable for rotating accessories such as a rotary broom. The hydraulic unit is almost maintenance-free. Removal of hydraulic work equipments from the system is easy and quick thanks to leak-free quick connectors.

In addition to the hydraulic system, you need a hydraulic work equipment such as a plow, bucket, or, for example, a tipping trailer, which choosing we will be happy to help you.

Hydraulic accessories are available with the floating feature of the lifting cylinder, which makes the plow in a “floating” position to follow the shapes of the ground. The floating feature increases comfort and makes plowing easier from early winter when the surface to be plowed is not yet properly frozen. In addition, a safety valve is available for the turning cylinder to prevent equipment breakdowns. We recommend the safety valve especially for side-by-side UTVs with a wide plow. Rear outputs can also be added to the system, allowing the hydraulic trailer to be tipped.


Integrated hydraulic kits are available for the following ATVs/UTVs:

Polaris Sportsman 570 MY2016-2021, price 1730 €
Polaris Sportsman 570 X2 MY2016-2021, price 1930 €
Polaris Ranger 570 (mid size) MY2016-2021, price 1730 €
Polaris Ranger Diesel MY2019-2021, price 1930 €
Polaris Ranger XP 1000 MY2019-2021, price 1930 €

Can-Am Outlander (MAX) 570/650/1000 MY2017-2021 (not 450 L / 570 L), price 1730 €
Can-Am Outlander (MAX) 450 L 6x6 MY2019-2021, price 1830 €
Can-Am Traxter HD8/HD10 MY2018-2021, price 1990 €

Honda TRX 420/500/520 (not IRS) MY2017-2021, price 1730 €

CF Moto C Force 450/520 MY2019-2020, price 1730 €


Lifting cylinder floating; releases the lifting cylinder “floating”, price 380 €.
Turning cylinder safety valve; protects the plow and cylinder in the event of a collision, price 190 €.
Rear outputs; for accessories used at the rear, price 190-260 €.

If you didn’t find your own ATV/UTV from the list above, no worries. Leave a message and let us to design the right hydraulics for your ATV.



Because it is not possible to manufacture a brand-specific hydraulic power pack for all ATV/UTVs, we have built a universal model hydraulic power pack.

The universal hydraulic power pack is mounted on the ATV's rear compartment and is ready for use after installing the electrical and any additional hoses. Compatibility eg Honda and Yamaha.

Universal hydraulic power pack, price 2130 €


Additional hoses; from power pack to front, price 360 €
Lifting cylinder floating; releases the lifting cylinder “floating”, price 380 €.
Turning cylinder safety valve; protects the plow and cylinder in the event of a collision, price 190 €.

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