Finnish quality


We are a family business specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of ATV/UTV accessories. Please feel free to contact us and take advantage of our knowledgeable service. If needed, we can design a unique solution for your needs.




FINLAND Our Latvo products are Finnish, tested and durable.

QUALITY MATERIALS We use high-quality and well-chosen materials in our products. For example, wear bars are made of Hardox 400 steel and bucket sets of Strenx 650 high-strength steel. This guarantees durability in heavy use and long service life.

REAL TOOLS We manufacture tools for real work.
The starting point for their planning is always the practical need.

COMPATIBILITY We are working to make our products compatible with all the most popular ATVs/UTVs and plows.

PRACTICAL TESTS Only through practice, the theories and plans are truly tested.
Feedback on test runs and work is directly applicable to product development.